​HELLO MY NAME IS AHREN - Aar·on [air-uhn, ar-]


Urban Dictionary definition:


1) Angel-like, Cherubic, Resembles a fallen angel, a perfect person


2) Ahren Resembling an alien. Ahrens are known to have quite hypnotizing appearances. They are not like most others. Somtimes hard to understand, it may seem like Ahrens will abduct you--but this is not the case. They may be foreign, but Ahrens live in America, and they follow the laws.


3) Ahrens is a german surname. Ahrens roughly translates into a "Badass dragonslayer from the north". the translation says it all

Truth is, I was born overseas and grew up in several places. I went to college, failed, went back to learn a few more things and they gave me this paper with signatures. Now I do stuff and keep learning newer stuff as I go. I've won a contest or two, been printed (who reads print with the interweb), and get images stolen from time to time. Reality, I enjoy doing what I do and hope to continue to do what I do when I can do it. ;P